Fishing with a Farmer

A big thank you from Aberdeen Fishing Club for all the support that we got on the weekend running Fishing with a Farmer. It was a massive success. 60 Farmers and 35 Fisherman. That’s 95 blokes at a Mental Health event, unbelievable. It blew Wayne Wigham from Black Dog away.

Particular thank you to Blue and Hok who spent all weekend on the BBQ. Jen and Clare who cooked all the cakes, slices and cheesecake. Jen, Helen and Meg who spent many hours in the kitchen. All those who hung around on Sunday and helped clean up. Bob Telfer who did heaps of behind the scenes organising. All those from the club who turned up and gave a hand when needed.

I have included a list of sponsors, a massive thank you to these people and organisations. Without them the event wouldn’t have been near as successful.

Aurizon, Aberdeen Lions, Pure Fishing, EJ Todd, Frogleys, Costi Seafood Co, Fisheries, Aberdeen Old Boys, Aberdeen Fishing and Boating, LLS, Reflections, Ski Club, DPI, Muswellbrook Community Services with help from NIB, RAMHP, Black Dog

Of course, without the Fisherman nothing would have happened. Fisherman came from as far away as Orange, Sydney and Narrabri to support the event. All at their own expense. It was a massive effort that has made a big difference to people’s lives.

Follow up
Muswellbrook Community Services has a Free Rural Councillor
Take a Farmer Fishing – If you are heading out and feel like company, give a farmer a call and ask if they want to go for a fish for a few hours.

Thanks Again
Nick Price
Secretary Aberdeen Fishing Club