NSW Fisheries on the hunt at Glenbawn for illegal netters

During the weekend of the 2015 Glebawn Classic a large net about 200m was found and two of our members were ok’d by Fisheries to remove it. It was picked up by the Anglers and taken to the shore for NSW Fisheries to collect  and hold as evidence. The net was found to contain over 300 dead bass that had been there for about a week.

As it is school holidays and Glenbawn is very busy the culprits were not able to get back to clean out the fish, prior to this 3 other nets were seized by NSW Fisheries at Glenbawn recently so if you happen to be fishing Glenbawn and see a Woolies grey plastic shopping bag tied to a tree check it out as this is how they mark the position of their nets. Also with all these rotting fish floating in the Dam and the Aberdeen Fishing Clubs comp was strictly catch and release and we don’t wish to be blamed for. This was a massive fish kill that happened through the part of the Dam known as the narrows in the mid section of the dam.

If you spot illegal netting or suspicious activity please contact NSW Fisheries on 02 4980 9202 or 0419 185 516