Fishing Farmer Update – March 23rd, 2019

23rd March Coming Together – Rough details below, more coming as more sponsors come on board.

Thanks to those people who can come and support Fishing with a Farmer. The drought is getting worse and the Farmers I speak to are at rock bottom.

So far I have the following, but if everyone could please share as the more the merrier.

Jon Scott
Billy Pumpa
Graham Ford
Nick Price
Luke Draper
Dave Mcknackers
Cody Purvis
Big Sump
Glenn Ellis
Jayson DeForrest-Haddleton
Bob Telfer

Meet at the Ski Club at 1:30 on Saturday 23rd March

Reflections will give everyone free entry, free camping (unroll a swag at ski club) and a coffee voucher. If you book a cabin they will give a 10% discount.

Sarah Green will do a bit on being an accidental counsellor (at 1:30). This will go for about an hour and a half. Put the boats in the water and meet the fisherman at 3 at the ski club.

Fish till 7.30ish. Then come up for a BBQ (food supplied by LLS and cooked by Aberdeen Fishing Club) and a few BYO drinks.
Aberdeen Fishing Club members will do all the running around and host the event

Upper Hunter Community Services will be there with NIB supplying the funding for Sarah and the Black Dog bloke.

A bloke from the Black Dog Institute will be there to talk after fishing.

EJ Todd has donated a heap of giveaways,

NSW Fisheries will be there with giveaways.

A flyer is being done, will put up once completed.

A “Fishing with a Farmer” shirt will be available for order.

If you know any farmers that need a break – Please ask them along. Word of Mouth is still the best advertising.

Thanks again, this wouldn’t happen without the amazing fishing community!